Adam Frishman is a guitarist, bassist, and songwriter living and working in the Boulder, Colorado area. He has been performing throughout New York and Colorado for over a dozen years in styles including rock, country, bluegrass, folk, funk, reggae and blues. 2011’s “Uncle Frish’s Whiskey” EP was Adam’s first solo record. This album marks a shift in his songwriting and playing, drawing heavily on the simple melodies and compelling stories of outlaw country and American roots music for inspiration.

Adam’s most recent project, “Them Raggedy Bones” is playing shows throughout Colorado. This band continues the trend of roots inspired country/folk/rock started with “Unlce Frish’s Whiskey”, but with a beefed up, more powerful sound featuring two guitars, lap steel/dobro, keyboards/accordion, bass guitar, and drums. Them Raggedy Bones also has the added advantage of having two other talented songwriters in the group, providing the band with a wealth of original material, in the persons of Andy Matteo and Kevin Joseph.

In January of 2013 Adam took over as the bass player for the Denver/Boulder based “Nolan McInnis Band”, playing shows throughout the Colorado Front Range area.

Check back for info on upcoming shows and more information on the book as it nears completion.